Hello people, I am Tobin Harding. I code in the Linux environment. I like command line interfaces and statically typed languages. When I am trying to relax I listen to classical music, when I’m eating - jazz, and when getting excitable I like to listen to techno. I like learning things, mostly computer related things, but also Jiu-Jitsu. For health and giggles I do yoga, rock climb, ferment, and grow vegetables.

I am a self declared apprentice Linux programmer. After completing undergraduate and post graduate degrees in computer science, both in software development, it became clear to me that I still did not know how to code. One day I decided to open K&R and start from scratch. Two years later, 40+ tech books, 7 languages, 40 000+ lines of code, 100+ kernel patches, I still consider myself an apprentice.

I like to work on open source infrastructure projects. At the moment this means the Linux kernel and Kubernetes.

I live on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia and have three children.