Hello people, I am Tobin Harding. I code in the Linux environment. I like command line interfaces and statically typed languages. When I am trying to relax I listen to classical music, when I’m eating - jazz, and when getting excitable I like to listen to techno. I like learning things, mostly computer related things, but also jiu-jitsu. For health and giggles I do yoga, rock climb, ferment, grow vegetables.

I currently work in the cryptocurrency space for crypto.com, I write Rust all day.

In the past I have done Linux Kernel work and container networking, I’ve professional proficiency in Rust, C, and Golang. I can hack Python if I need to.

I have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in computer science as well as a two year software apprenticeship. I enjoy doing coursera.org courses to improve my skills.

I live on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia and have three children.

My favourite thing to do is hold my breath and swim under the ocean as far as I can.

GPG Fingerprint: 28A5 A3AF D5AB 4545 BC0E A244 0312 492D 661E C3B8